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Tailored specifically to your skins needs, our 90 minute peels offer a unique approach to targeting fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin discoloration or breakout prone skin. Consult with one of our Facial Specialists to find out more.Your journey to flawless skin starts here!

Welcome to Essa Beauty, your sanctuary for some well-deserved ‘me’ time located in Cluster J, JLT.
A place where you can escape the fast pace of city life and relax and rejuvenate while we look after you.


Feel Fabulous!

Specialists in Facials, Nail Care, Waxing, Make-up and Hair! Whether you want to improve the condition of your skin, add some colour and zest to your nails or enhance your natural beauty with some waxing, threading or tinting – you will always receive exceptional standards of service and expert consultation on the treatments available.

We employ the very latest techniques and only use the highest quality products that are good to you and good to the planet. Everything we do at Essa Beauty is done with the highest level of care and consideration.

We look forward to making you feel fabulous!

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What do people say about Essa?

Essa Beauty is a wonderful salon! It’s friendly staff and clean, relaxing environment are only an extra bonus to how you feel when you leave after an amazing treatment. You only have to experience it once to understand why I would always give it 5 stars."

Louise ~ Google Reviews

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