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How to reach us


Once you arrive at Cluster J:

• Drive up the ramp
• Drive all the way around the roundabout
DRIVE BACK DOWN the ramp. As soon as you reach the bottom of the ramp - STOP (DO NOT go back out onto the main road)
• On your right you will see a sign that’s says TAXI’s ONLY. Take this right (Please watch out for the cars exiting the underground car parking).
• Drive past these taxis (now on your left) and after about 30 metres you will enter an RTA car park- Code -
393K. Simply park in any space available.

Once you have parked your car, you will see a black building on your right. This is our building - Goldcrest Views 2.

Walk along the side of the building along pedestrian walkway towards the lake. As soon as you can turn right at the end of this walkway you will see Essa Beauty beside you!

Call us on 04 378 4288 / 050 705 2622 mobile number and we will gladly direct you should you get lost.


How to get parking ticket

Text 7275 (your car plate number + 393K + No. of hours stay) for example: E88017 393K 2

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