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The Do’s and Don’ts of Manicure Aftercare

I've always felt that manicures are the perfect little treat to the self. Whether it’s a full-fledged salon visit or a DIY attempt, Nail Time is a nice escape from the buzz of the ‘Real World’. But getting a manicure to last more than three days had always been an issue for me. I’d go from having pretty, shiny nails on Day 1, to Stain Central on Day 2 and somehow inevitably end up with chipping (or worse- a Broken Nail) on Day 3. This had always been the case for me- and it got me wondering what one could do to help a fresh mani’ stay on.

If it happens irrespective of whether I had them done at a salon or by myself, then surely the issue lies not in the application but in the aftercare?

When I had the pleasure of having my nails done at Essa Beauty, I had the opportunity to speak with the lovely Nail Specialists there about how to properly take care of the gorgeous nails they had given me (see picture).

Here are the Top Three Tips for how to make your manicure last longer, from the Nail Specialists at Essa Beauty!

1. No Hot Water.

Make sure you avoid submerging your nails in hot water for a long time as this could lead to early lifting. According to Aicel, hot water (and the steam that comes with it) softens the polish, which aids chipping and peeling. “If you spend a lot of time washing dishes or other activities that involve hot water, consider investing in a pair of nice rubber gloves for housework”, says Joy. A simple fix, as the nails are no longer being exposed to the hot water.

2. Your Nails are Not a Utility Knife.

This one sounds funny, but it’s true! I know we’re all guilty of using our nails to pry open a can of soda or tearing open a stubborn bag of chips. Apparently, this is a big no-no in the nail world, and I can understand why. Using your nails for stuff they’re not meant to be doing will weaken the nail, and in some cases can cause pretty serious breaks that can be painful and not exactly pleasing to the eye. You can and should use a spoon to open your soda the next time you’re thirsty and get a pair of scissors for the chips.

3. Nourish!

Unhealthy nails and expectations of a month-long-mani are always a recipe for disaster. The best way to keep them healthy is by regularly using cuticle oil and generous helpings of hand cream. Cuticle oils such as Jojoba and Argan oil are especially suited for this as they really penetrate the nail and allow for deeper nourishment. It’s also important to maintain a diet that promotes an overall healthy body (including your nails). Try including more lean meats, fruits and leafy greens in your meal plan to see a difference!

While it’s not easy to maintain a manicure, it should get easier to do with these 'handy' tips. Thanks to Joy, Aicel and Ruth at Essa Beauty for their fabulous nuggets of wisdom. I can always trust these talented ladies to not fail my nails.



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